Patreon-exclusive content from 2021 (adults only).
Rosa teams up with Romana for a festive fill-up.
Zeke, the wizard, is on an adventure.
How did it go after that?
Chapter 8 of El Indon. Things get a little worse.
Patreon-exclusive content from 2020 (adults only).
A collection of my older art, for posterity and amusement.
My comic from the Enough Space anthology, 2016.
Patreon-exclusive content from 2019 (adults only).
Where did they go?
Rosa pairs up with Mack the shark. Adults only!
Chapters 1 to 7 of El Indon. A trip starts to go awry.
Patreon-exclusive content from 2018 (adults only).
What happened next?
The donation collab from autumn 2018.
A collection of 50+ properly furry photographs.
The donation collab from summer 2018.
How did Blackbird and Duran meet?
Hammock meets a sabertooth (adults only).
Wallpapers originally published on Patreon (adults only).